My Approach

I offer a blend of formal and informal wedding photography – never stuffy or rigid.

You and your guests need to be relaxed, with faces full of happiness. I have the experience to make sure that you are all in the best frame of mind to deliver the very best photographs possible.

I want to do everything to remove any hint of stress you may have and to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why I do this job. I love nothing better than seeing the smiles on the faces of my couples when they see the finished product and their eyes well up. That’s when I know… that’s why I do this!

Although I have had the honour to work at incredible wedding venues all over the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire – I am also happy to travel further afield to ensure your wedding day has the best photography possible.

Approach - Warwickshire Wedding Photo

How I plan for your big day

I like to be very organised when it comes to my planning – I am ex-Army after all! I have learned from many years of experience as a wedding photographer that when you plan and prepare – if things don’t run to schedule, it doesn’t matter, because you know what you are doing.

After our initial chats etc, one month before the day itself, I like to have a Zoom meeting so that we can run through the day. I also arrange a location meeting where we can survey the site and plan for all the best shots. I like to have a timetable for the day’s events. The reason? Well, if you tell me that the father’s first look at his daughter and her dress is important – I need to make sure you have allocated enough time! Once I know what you want to happen and when we can have a walk-through of the day’s events and of the venue itself. This allows me to know what will happen and where. There is an obvious benefit to this – in so far as – it allows me to know where the best photographs will be! I won’t just turn up and wander around hoping to find somewhere nice – I’ll know!

Equally, I always turn up early and stay until I have done my job. I don’t clock watch or limit my time in anyway. I am here to make your day as special as possible. That’s what matters to me and why I like to plan and prepare!

Isabella Package - Warwickshire Wedding Photography

Isabella package

I understand that not everyone enjoys being in front of the camera during the all important bridal preparations. That’s why my Isabella package is developed with your comfort in mind. Isabella is designed for couples who want to fully immerse themselves in the wedding day experience, whilst leaving some of those private moments between you and your family.

Warwickshire Wedding Photographer

Francesca package

A fully comprehensive coverage that covers all of those special moments. The Francesca package ensures that you re-live every emotion and experience, from bridal preparation all the way through to your unforgettable party. Ideal for those who want to capture every moment of magic, from the bridal party getting ready, those precious family moments throughout the big day – up and until the party getting well and truly underway!
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