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The Mill Barns

Mr & Mrs White

The Mill Barns – Boy – is it special!

Boy – is it special! There is a spectacular view in every direction! The soaring timber arches, the vaulted cathedral like interiors, the ornamental ponds and water features that surround the venue not to mention the spacious lawns and the decorative gardens that are lit up accordingly for each occasion. It’s quite the spectacle. Beloved by couples and guests alike.

Eleni and Ryan picked quite the spot here and it was perfect for their fun and fabulous wedding. They chose somewhere that could be both special, spectacular, and sensational – yet intimate, exciting, and welcoming.

The bridal party preparations began in the hugely impressive Dressing Room. A vast suite that has absolutely everything needed to get the day started in style! As the bride’s party got ready, dad waited expectantly to see his daughter in her wedding dress. As soon as he did, he couldn’t stop beaming with pride and joy. A very proud and happy man.

As the bridal party was getting ready, guests were arriving and were able to enjoy each other’s company across the extensive and attractive decking areas that overlook the decorative ponds that surround the barn.

Guests didn’t just have the gorgeous surroundings to keep them occupied and happy! Eleni and Ryan had employed a magician for the day, ensuring that their guests were further enthralled and entertained! Shropshire’s Jack Dent mingled with the assembled guests and amazed guests with his range of jaw-dropping visual tricks.

As the stunning countryside waved a happy goodbye to Winter, Spring was making its welcomed presence felt. The positivity and hope that Spring brings with it, helped to further infuse the day with a sense of hope and excitement. A smattering of blossom that punched through the winter with bursts of pink and red Spring happiness added colour to the backdrop of a thankfully dry day.

What a backdrop to an amazing day.

The emotional ceremony itself was held in the Mill Wheel Barn. The vast arched room with huge, glazed windows overlooking The Mill Pond was a perfect setting as light poured in and bathed the guests in Spring sunshine. A petal strewn path down the aisle led to a delightful rose arch as a backdrop to the couple’s vows. Anyone say picture perfect?

The gardens and decks supplied an ideal backdrop for group shots and intimate moments with the bride and groom, surrounded by the picturesque gardens and the season’s early blossom.

The reception was hosted in the Mill Pond Barn, which, like the Wheel Barn, is a soaring arched structure that naturally lends a sense of grandeur to the occasion. With fairy lights strung overhead, as the natural light dipped outside the sense of magic started to take over.

The cake by the West Midlands bakery The Velvet Crumb, was an elegant four-tiered white iced creation, dotted and decorated with beautiful white roses. The cake cutting was performed against a range of coloured lights that offered a hint of the feel-good carnival party atmosphere that was to follow.

As the magician toured the tables amazing all with his illusions, the party started to get underway in earnest. With a variety of coloured lights dazzling the interior of the spectacular barn itself, it wasn’t long before the dance floor was busy with guests enjoying DJ Sooty’s music As the drinks were poured, the tunes filed the space and the twinkling lights created a magical atmosphere it was impossible not to be entertained and enthralled in equal measure.

As their guests partied away, we were able to sneak outside to enjoy the truly spectacular venue all lit up against the dark sky. Beautifully illuminated with a variety of colours, contrasted with the evening’s darker tones, the bride and groom were able to pop the champagne corks in celebration of an amazing day! What a backdrop to an amazing day.

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