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If you are here, you have likely just gotten engaged, so congratulations! There is a lot to sort out now if you want to plan the perfect wedding.

This includes organising photos. Not to worry though as Tommy James Photography is a fantastic choice of wedding photographer Rugby can always depend on. With Tommy’s help you will have wonderful images to look back on.

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Take the stress out of getting the perfect photos

There might be certain pictures you are excited for more than others, for example group or couple shots, or maybe even a certain moment like the cutting of the cake. A lot of happy couples end up dealing with a lot of stress and spend their big day worrying. With the right photographer though, there is no reason for this to be the case. Tommy knows how to work with people so that they are at ease. Everyone can then feel comfortable rather than awkward and stiff when being photographed.

You will be able to relax and have fun while you get the photos you have been looking forward to. Have faith, Tommy James will make sure you get amazing pictures, organising everything without being intrusive. He will even choose the perfect backdrops so you make the most of the venue and setting. You can then focus on enjoying your day rather than needlessly stressing over this aspect of your wedding.

You are in good hands with a professional behind the lens

Photography is about more than having an expensive camera. You need the right person operating the equipment. Having someone who knows what they are doing adds value and ensures they have experience working in different conditions. An expert knows where to set up and what to do with the camera to make the most of the lighting and compose the perfect shot. Tommy James is constantly looking for the best results possible so that you can be sure you will love the photos you receive.

You only have a single chance to capture your wedding day in all its glory. So, choose a wedding photographer Rugby couples can put their trust in. Reach out to Tommy James as there is no one better for you to use for your big day. We would be more than happy to tell you all about the first class services on offer. You can also view galleries for yourself on our website. There are lots of wonderful wedding pictures so you can see exactly what we can do.

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